Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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The Universidad Complutense is one of the oldest and largest Spanish universities with over 75,000 enrolled students. It is highly ranked among Spanish universities and offers a large number of schools and disciplines.

This Spanish university has two primary campuses: the main campus is located in Madrid and is easily accessed by subway and bus. Students studying Political Sciences, Sociology, Psychology and Business will go to the Somosaguas campus which is about a 20 min bus ride away from main campus.

The program office is located on the main floor of the Facultad de Geografía e Historia building.


Students enrolled can either be Fall, Spring or full year students. They are required to take a total of 5 classes or 25-30 credits ETCS. Three to four will be direct matriculation classes at the UCM. They will register in the Humanities schools by virtue of our institutional agreement through the Reunidas program. They may also enroll in other schools such as Political Science or Communication, as visiting students (abiding by the norms and restictions of the different schools). Students generally take 1-2 Reunidas classes to compliment their direct enrollment classes at the UCM.

FALL ONLY: Students may only select classes from Reunidas, Philosophy, Philology and the Geography and History schools since deans have pre-approved early exams before the Christmas holidays in these schools.  Most schools' lecture classes do take place before the holiday, but exams are usually held afterwards.  

SPRING ONLY and FULL YEAR: There are no academic calendar restrictions and student may enroll and take their final exams with the local students.

GU MADRID OFFICE: The GU office is located in the Facultad de Geografía e Historia, in the Ciudad Universitaria (main campus). The Resident Director and the housing coordinator hold regular office hours to attend GU students. Students consult important information and sign up for cultural activities here as well as have limited computer access. It is also a common meeting place for the program participants. Reunidas offices and classrooms are located nearby.


Universidades Norteamericanas Reunidas is a consortium of university programs that host students from numerous American universities. Reunidas courses are all taught by Spanish professors (most of whom are directly affiliated to the Complutense University). Classes are held at the Facultad de Geografía e Historia. At the end of the academic year, students receive a diploma from the UCM.

The program directors of the member programs meet regularly to oversee the academic excellence of the courses offered as well as to establish common terms for all its students. The consortium has good relations with the three deans from the Humanities Schools (Philosophy, Philology and History and Geography).


A wide selection Spain-related courses are offered including language, literature, history, political science, philosophy, women's studies and economics. Unique opportunities include a Spanish painting at the Prado Museum class (with weekly visits to the museum), a service learning course on Madrid and a Spanish theater class where students put on a performance are offered through Reunidas. Course offerings and class schedules.


Also found on the website, the Fall semester falls between September up to the Christmas vacacion in December and the Spring semester is usually late January through May.  It  is similar to the regular UCM academic calendar.